Keith Kidwell

Who Am I

I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. As the Representative of the 79th district I will fight for your rights.  Education reform, lower taxes, bring jobs back to our area, and stand against those who wish to strip us of our 2nd amendment rights. 

I am a firm believer in right to life and crime prevention. Our infrastructure is vital to our commerce and growth. Immigration laws need to protect our country, its jobs, and illegals from entering in. Voter fraud needs to stop and this can be done through voter ID.

I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. This is my duty to you.

Why I Ran


​Keith Kidwell was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives for 79th District in November 2018, representing Beaufort and Craven Counties. He is 57 years old, lives in Chocowinity NC with his bride, who was the girl next door when Keith was a child.  Viki (Cihlar) Kidwell and Keith have been happily married for over 39 years.  They met when Keith was only four years old and went on to marry some 16 years later.  Together they have one son Jason who together with his wife Elena, gave them four beautiful grandchildren, April, Keith, Julian and Liberty.  Family is the reason Keith is so dedicated to helping the people of the great state of North Carolina.

Originally from Passaic NJ, Keith prefers to call North Carolina home.  Keith studied Business Management at William Paterson College in NJ while working full time.  His career has given him management experience in; warehousing, domestic and international distribution, facilities, fleet, purchasing, budgeting, finance, taxes and sales.  He is a former NC Real Estate Broker and Securities Broker.   After working with several Fortune 100 companies Keith returned to the family tax and accounting business.  Keith’s mother Louise Kidwell, known to everyone as Ma, was a great example for Keith.  Ma taught him how hard work pays off, she also taught him many of life’s tough lessons, but most of all she always believed in him and trusted in him leaving Keith as the Chief Operating Officer of her beloved business.

Keith Kidwell is a Small Business Owner in Washington, NC for nearly 30 years where he owns and manages the local H&R Block and Kidwell Enterprises Inc.  He is an Enrolled Agent (Licensed by the US Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers in front of the IRS in all 50 states).  He is a certified Master Tax and Small Business Advisor, a licensed Health and Life insurance agent in the state of NC, a certified instructor with H&R Block.   Keith is also an instructor at Beaufort County Community College as well as a member of the Business & Accounting Advisory Board at the college where he served as Chairman for six years.  He was appointed by the Beaufort County Commissioners to the Southern Albermarle Association and the Beaufort County Hospital Board where he served as treasurer for three years.  He is a first – degree Black Belt and was a state champion and Martial Arts Instructor.

Keith is the founder of Magoo’s Christmas 4 Veterans Inc. a (501c3) that delivers Christmas gifts to our NC Veterans Homes.  This was started by Keith and Viki after visiting the Kinston Veterans Home with the Republican Party several years ago.  They were so moved by the experience that they knew they had to continue bringing the joy of Christmas to those who so selflessly served us.

Keith has served as Treasurer/Leader of the Knights of Columbus, treasurer for Tranters Creek HOA, Ambassador for Business and Industry Council with the Washington Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce, served on Boards for St Peters Church, Clifton NJ and Mother of Mercy Church, Washington NC where he was council President for 2 years.  He served as treasurer of the Coastal Pregnancy Center for 2 years and then Chairman for 10 years, he also served as the treasurer of The Carolina Pregnancy Center in Greenville for 10 years.

Keith holds memberships in National Association of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Tax Preparers, National Association of Professional Bookkeepers, and Washington Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce, Belhaven Hyde Chamber of Commerce, Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus 4th Degree, NRA and Grassroots NC.

Keith is very involved in local and state politics.  He served as Chairman of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee (REC) for five years, two terms on the Beaufort County REC, Treasurer of the 3rd District GOP REC for two years.  Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention when Donald Trump was nominated for President, Delegate to NC Republican State Conventions four times, he served on the NCGOP and 3rd District Resolutions committees three times and served on the NCGOP Plan of Organization committee, currently serving on the 3rd Congressional District REC Convention Rules committee.  Having served on these committees has helped him gain insight into the process of our state and nation.

As your Representative, he will execute his responsibility to the people with the same Christian principles he has carried throughout his life, and with dedication, hard work, honesty and integrity.

When not working he escapes it all with Viki, retreating to their favorite places the Pamlico River and other waterways of North Carolina.  Viki always does her best to beat him in their martial fishing tournaments. He also spends quality time with his grandchildren fishing, hunting, hiking or traveling with the family.  He enjoys his time on “Keith’s Office” (his fishing boat) with family and friends.  These are the things Keith values most. God, Family, and Country.

List of Issues


School choice is critical for the successful education of our children. We need more Charter Schools. Schools and teachers need to be held to a high standard and rewarded for their effectiveness. We need to be proactive in ensuring that our children are taught true history and not “politically corrected” history. Common Core needs to GO! Common Core is a convoluted system that no one can understand and it makes learning math far more difficult than it should be. Our General Assembly started the process of repealing Common Core. This needs to be completed as quickly as possible.


Taxes are too high! The North Carolina Legislature needs to finish what was started several years ago and repeal the NC Income Tax and replace it with a consumption tax. The ultimate way to resolve high taxes is to cut spending and waste. We need to review all monies spent and department budgets and cut out the pork. I am in favor of Zero Based budgeting. With 32 years in the tax and accounting business I will bring a deep understanding of these issues, and the damage high taxes do to hard working families and small business owners.


Since NAFTA was passed our area has lost over 7000 jobs. President Trump is right that NAFTA is the worst trade deal in American history. We need to make North Carolina more job friendly by reducing taxes and unnecessary regulation on businesses. Corporate welfare has a poor track record of successfully bringing in new businesses that stay, and is very unfair to existing business.

2nd Amendment

The rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed! I have lived by this my entire life and will defend it to my death. I am a concealed carry permit holder, avid hunter and target shooter. I am a member of the Beaufort County Law Enforcement Officer Association Gun Range, the NRA, Grass Roots North Carolina, and Gun Owners of America.

Justice/Crime Prevention

A core duty of government is to keep our communities safe. We need to be tough on crime and make sure our law enforcement officers and first responders have all the tools necessary to do their jobs. Criminals need to be properly punished for their crimes. North Carolina needs to retain the right of our citizens electing judges and district attorneys. We do not want these positions to become political appointments.

Right to Life

As the Declaration of Independence states, Americans are born with the unalienable Right to Life. I believe this covers you from conception until natural death. I have served on the boards of two Crisis Pregnancy Centers for over 20 years. CPCs help families with unexpected or difficult pregnancies by explaining alternatives to abortion and providing parental training and support.


Good roads are one of the most important parts of attracting business and jobs to our area. We need to complete the Highway 17 four lane project from VA to SC, particularly the sections from Chocowinity to New Bern and from Washington to Williamston. This is critical to the future of Eastern North Carolina and our ability to grow. This will be one of my top priorities as your Representative. Our ferry system is part of the North Carolina Highway system and should remain free of tolls.


While the Federal law preempts state law in many aspects of immigration enforcement, North Carolina needs to exercise all powers possessed by the state to work toward the elimination of illegal immigration. Sanctuary cities should not be tolerated in North Carolina. No level of government should be allowed to choose which laws they will enforce and which they will not.

Election Integrity

North Carolina needs photo voter ID. I strongly support a law requiring photo ID to vote in order to protect the integrity of our elections. 


Police Benevolence Association


Backs Keith Kidwell

For Election

​Dear North Carolina NRA Member:

Your NRA Political Victory Fund has endorsed Keith Kidwell for state Representative in North Carolina House District 79.

Keith Kidwell is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights and needs your vote to win.

Support the candidate who will fight for your rights!  It is important that you vote Keith Kidwell for state Representative. Encourage your family, friends, and fellow gun owners to do the same.

Grass Roots

Grass Roots of North Carolina

​A survey conducted by Grass Roots of North Carolina for Keith Kidwell receives a rating of 100% for his candidacy.

The GRNC-PVF recommends Keith Kidwell for the 79th District North Carolina House of Representatives.

North Carolina Right to Life PAC


Keith Kidwell is endorsed by North Carolina Right to Life PAC.

Support for State House/Senate candidates is based on answers to questionnaires and/or voting records.

Kidwell 79 District

NC Chamber of Commerce

NC Chamber Names Representative Keith Kidwell A 2019 – 2020 Jobs Champion

Representative Keith Kidwell’s Strong Pro-Jobs Voting Record Recognized in State Chamber of Commerce Report 


RALEIGH, N.C. – The NC Chamber today named Rep. Keith Kidwell a 2019 – 2020 Jobs Champion in its annual How They Voted report. How They Voted details state legislators’ voting records on bills identified as critical to preserving and enhancing North Carolina’s position in the national race for jobs. Keith Kidwell was recognized as a Jobs Champion for voting with the Chamber’s Jobs Agenda at least 80 percent of the time during the 2019 – 2020 legislative biennium.

 An endorsement from the Chamber of Commerce means a lot. It’s good to be recognized as a Jobs Champion. As a small business owner, I truly understand how important jobs are to Eastern North Carolina 

 “Following a strong, pro-jobs long session in 2019, legislators in 2020 showed an unprecedented level of bipartisanship in supporting our state’s response to COVID-19,” said NC Chamber President and CEO Gary Salamido. “We are grateful for [LEGISLATOR]’s leadership in helping North Carolina navigate the unique challenges of the pandemic and put us squarely on a path to relaunching our state’s economy. We look forward to continuing to work with him to help chart a new course for our state.” 


NFIB North Carolina PAC Endorses Keith Kidwell in House District 79 

RALEIGH, Thursday, September 17, 2020 — The NFIB North Carolina PAC has endorsed Keith Kidwell the 79th District House race. The political action committee is comprised exclusively of NFIB members. 

Our members support the candidates who will support small businesses, which is why Keith Kidwell is the clear choice in this race,NFIB State Director Gregg Thompson said. 

“Keith Kidwell understands the challenges facing North Carolina‘s small businesses,Thompson said. “Our members believe he will do everything he can do to help small businesses recover safely and fully from the pandemic so they can grow and create jobs.” 

The NFIB North Carolina PACs endorsement is critical to the candidate’s campaign. Smallbusiness owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. The PACs support is based on the candidatespositions and records on small business issues. 

NFIB is the nations leading small-business association. To learn more about NFIB in North Carolina, visit and follow @NFIB_NC on Twitter.



Summerfield, North Carolina – The North Carolina Troopers Association announces its official

endorsement of candidates in the upcoming November general election.

The NC Troopers Association endorses candidates that have proven themselves to be avid

proponents of law enforcement and the rule of law. Each and every day, the hardworking men and

women of law enforcement sacrifice and risk their lives to ensure North Carolina citizens are safe.

Troopers, along with all law enforcement professionals, deserve elected officials who will give

them constant support and respect.

“On behalf of the North Carolina Troopers Association, we are proud to endorse candidates who

have a proven track record of supporting law enforcement and their families,” said Danny Jenkins,

President of the North Carolina Troopers Association. “The citizens of North Carolina have a

choice to either elect lawmakers who will provide law and order within North Carolina, or those

who wish to defund law enforcement and not stand with the men and women in blue. We hope

North Carolina Citizens will stand with law enforcement and elect these courageous candidates

who will continue to support our law enforcement officers across North Carolina. ”

“We are confident these candidates are the best choices to continue the Associations efforts to

protect and provide for those who serve. Our troopers, along with all law enforcement

professionals in the state, deserve the same level of support and dedication from their elected

officials, as they give. For these reasons, we proudly support their candidacy.”



 I would like to congratulate you and inform you we have chosen to endorse your campaign. You may use our logo, which I have attached to this email. We will issue a formal endorsement and provide our members with your information. I know time is of the essence, so I wanted to go ahead and provide you with the endorsement. Thank you for supporting law enforcement. 


David Blackwelder

Wake County Chapter President

North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance


I Believe in Family

The nucleus of what makes America and our great state what it is today is the family. From the beginning of creation, God chose one man and one woman to accomplish this achievement. I had no idea that over three decades ago I would fight for that right. 

The foundation of family and marriage is being destroyed and it must stop. I will fight to keep that from happening. One way my wife Viki and I have been doing that is serving in the Washington and Greenville Coastal Pregnancy Center. 

This organization is a non-profit group that help young women in a time of need during their pregnancy. They give pre and post-natal help and offer pro-life counseling for those facing difficult decisions. I support family and life.

When I saw the girl next door, I knew she was the one. My wife Viki and I grew up together in New Jersey as childhood sweethearts. We married on July 4, 1981 and started our family. We were blessed with a son who later married and has given us four wonderful grandchildren.

Like many, we have faced difficulties, but through it all my wife has stood by my side. When my sister died, we adopted our niece of five years old who is grown and on her own. My son, a third generation tax consultant has taken over the business.

When I decided to run for political office and make a difference, my wife stood with me. Today, she is a big help giving me the support and encouragement I need to maintain a steady course. Viki, and my family, are a reminder of why I am fighting today. Viki, thank you for being there.

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